Here are some of my favorite links.

Please check them out.

Peoria CIAO

Central Illinois Artist Organization

Peoria Contemporary Art Center

Your place on the Peoria riverfront for current art, music and culture.

Studio 825

Here is my main studio and gallery.

Channel 31 Video

Channel 31 video Using Old Paint to Create Art and Save the Environment. This video is about the legal paint disposal project.

Wooden Nickel Images

Filled with really great images. Also, the creator of Gene's website.

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard - A great place to visit and try Paul's award winning wine.

Luthy Botanical Garden

Luthy Botanical Gardens - Worth a visit anytime of the year.


ArtsPartners promotes the arts as vital to Central Illinois' cultural and economic developent.

Central Illinois Hasta Club

Central Illinois Hosta Society.

Peoria Art Guild

Peoria Art Guild.

Peoria Riverfront

The Peoria Riverfront.