Here are samples of my art work.

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Wind #3 - stainless steel

Wind #2 - stainless steel

Industrial Compassion - raw steel.

Converging Surfaces in Space #1 - stainless steel w/ wood base.

Caressing Life - painted steel.

Mawma #1 and #2 - painted steel.

Jewelry #3 - stainless steel.

Children's Hospital of Illinois Memorial Garden Bench - painted steel.

Jumping Through Hoops - raw steel.

Dancing Columns - raw steel.

Life Grows - painted wood.

Jewelry #4 - stainless steel.

The Ferrous Family - raw steel.

Jewelry #5 - stainless steel.

Senior Yoga Class

No Barriers - Painted Steel

Any of my sculptures can be custom painted.

Commissions welcomed and encouraged.