(And always, a "student of life")

My Objectives:

I wish to share my talents, experiences, perspectives and my story, through my artwork, to as many people as possible.


Artist's Statement:

I've always been an artist of sorts, however January 2002 I decided to take it a little more seriously. In leaving myself open to explore different mediums, I am able to draw on my 30+ years of carpentry, building & design.

In the summer of 2002 Preston Jackson introduced the assignment of the steel sculpture. I fell in love with that kind of artwork. Consequently, I focused much attention to the creation and making of steel sculptures. Using the simplest of tools and devices, I push the limits of my material or my physical strength.

It has become apparent to me that the type of art that I create is spreading joy and touching the senses of many people. I am extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to and inspired my artwork over the course of my fledgling career.

I am exploring ways to "keep me going and doing the things I do." I wish to provide a means in which to make a living, through my work, in The Arts, The Sciences, and The Humanities. I will continue to do small projects and assignments within the construction community. I will be involved within that system, of course, with a new outlook, different goals, and a broader audience. I am receptive to all avenues where ever I can "blend my special talents with service to others." I choose to work only for people and companies that appreciate my experience, talent and efforts.

The diversity in my experiences over a 30-year small-business career, has allowed me to have a personal mind set that grasps the BIG PICTURE. I feel that my abilities to look at a broad variety of perspectives on any given issue is one of my greatest assets.


Born and raised in the neighborhoods of the city of Chicago. 30+ year resident of Central Illinois.

Dedicated family man, father of 4 grown children, and proud Grandpa.

Teacher. . . Coach. . . Facilitator/Demonstrator

Spiritual Person / Student of Theology

Business man and "a pretty fair carpenter"

Amateur athlete of many sports and activities.
Greatest achievement: Chicago Triathlon 1987

Amateur poker player of noted reputation

Omelet maker extrordinaire and juggler


  • Making every attempt at living in an earth friendly way, practically.

  • Designed and built my families home using passive solar concepts and energy efficient building techniques.

  • Led a task force for the U.U. church developing ecological awareness in building and deconstruction.

  • I don't litter!

Member of the Universalist Unitarian Church

  • Served as a member of Reverend Michael Browns "Committee on the Ministry" ( 7+ yrs)

  • Sunday school teacher (4+ years)

  • Served on the Organizational Review Committee

Friend, attendant and volunteer of the Unity Church of Peoria

Member of the Central Illinois Chapter of The Interfaith Alliance

  • Chairman of the 2004 Special Events Committee

  • Attended the 2004 National Leadership Conference for The Interfaith Alliance

Attended the Parliament of the Worlds Religions in Barcelona, Spain - July 2004

Served on the Medina Township Planning and Zoning Commission (7+ years)

Retired Mossville Boys Baseball and Girls Softball Board Member and Coach (13 years)

Active Volunteer and Contributor for several worthwhile organizations and causes

Active member of Contemporary Art Center, Peoria Art Guild and the Bohemian Art Society.


Work History:

Retail Salesman (including Fuller Brush man)

Started Good Work Construction Co. in 1975. Performed all the functions that a typical small family owned construction company does. In 1995 it became an S-corporation and in 2001 we brought it to a close.

Continuous research and development with passive solar and energy efficient building.

Building Code Official for the City of Peoria 2 years (Scored a 100% on the 1 and 2 family dwelling code test)

Ongoing consulting and inspection assignments for construction related activity.

Created "Positive Productions" (bumper sticker company).

Artist/Sculptor, attempting to incorporate "fine" art with my brand of folk art.

  • Currently developing contacts and relationships in the region and beyond to display my artwork.

  • Participating in shows and Exhibits such as Luthy Botanical Gardens (Received an Honorable mention at the Rhapsody in Bloom), Peoria Riverfront Market and other area galleries and venues.

  • Student of Preston Jackson (Professor of sculpture and head of the figurative sculpture area at the School of the Art Institution in Chicago)

  • Crew member of the Bronzeville to Harlem traveling exhibit (I developed and instituted more efficient installation techniques and devices.)


With a background in carpentry, I create indoor and garden sculptures in steel, wood and other materials. Painted or raw, these pieces reflect strength of purpose and design.

Where I Work:

My construction background has made working in various locations a familiar thing for me.

I am currently building my primary studio on Main Street in the Heart of Peoria.

The Contemporary Art Center is the Hub of my art community. I am privileged to be a part of Preston Jackson's School, as a student. I have served as an assistant, and crew member.

Bud Harvey's Hot Iron Blacksmith Shop is where much of my steel fabrication is being processed. Bud and I, a couple of middle aged guys, are working hard and having some fun making art.

As always I am privileged to work with many other artists, artisans and craftsmen in their studios and shops within the greater Peoria area.



Gene is proud to announce that his sculpture "Children's Hospital of Illinois Memorial Garden Bench"
is featured in the ArtsPartners' publication "In Plain Sight."